Tuesday, December 15


Advent and Christmas seasons are busy ones for church musicians. May I wish each of you a fulfilling, blessed season of preparation and celebration.

Are you planning your J. S. Bach music to celebrate his 325th birthday on Sunday, March 21, 2010? You will recall our Sandusky Chapter is hoping to immerse the area worship services in Bach’s music that day and enlist the cooperation of the Sandusky Register to publicize the event.

Last year we invited the community to enjoy organ music in three Sandusky churches, and many people came. We heard many favorable comments with the added statement, “I hope you do this again.” Soooo, after enjoying Bach music in the morning, we will continue his birthday celebration by visiting three Sandusky churches that afternoon and hearing two recitalists at each building play 20-minute programs. The three churches with six organists are already in place, with final detailed plans in my next letter. We trust you will be part of both phases of the celebration.

The December issue of “The American Organist” gave detailed plans for the national AGO convention in Washington, D.C. July 4-8, 2010. Are any of you planning to attend? A recent letter from Ronald Stolk, Convention Coordinator, told how our Chapter could advertise in the printed program ($350), sponsor a workshop ($400), and/or make a $259 donation toward an organ student’s registration fee and housing at a nearby university campus. Our limited treasury will not allow us to contribute toward any of these requests, but support from individuals would not be refused.

A reminder. Have you paid membership dues to our treasurer? Regular membership is $70. Members over age 65 pay only $52.50. Send your check to Charles Scroggy, 218 W. Bogart Rd., Sandusky, OH 44870, payable to Sandusky Chapter AGO.

And lastly, here’s a bit of information of local interest. You may remember reading an article written by Albert Adcock in the November “The American Organist” about the Portagesville Chapel retreat. Some of you may know Albert grew up in Sandusky and was a member of Grace Episcopal Choir. Elmer Frank, my organ teacher, was Director of Music at Grace. In a recent exchange of letters, Albert told me that Elmer Frank offered him fifteen free organ lessons as a 15th birthday present. Before he had the 15th lessons, Mr. Frank died. Albert writes, “I have often wondered, but not lamented, how my life might have played out had he not passed away so suddenly.”

A Blessed Christmas Season to all our members as we lead our congregations to a Bethlehem manger to worship the newborn Savior and King.

Laura Stellhorn,

Wednesday, December 2


Who would have thought that a Music Minister Director's job would have been No. 5 on this list? Click below to view a portion of the article:

Click below to view the entire article:

Tuesday, December 1

Monday, November 9


Website monthly updates for November include:

"This Month in Music History"


"Monthly Videos"

Monday, October 26


There are 2 organ and brass concerts fast approaching!

The first is Sunday, November 1, 1:30 pm, at Sts. Peter & Paul Church, 510 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. The concert will feature John Franks on organ with the Boradale Brass. They will perform music of J. S. Bach, Benedetto Marcello, Samuel Barber and others. The concert is FREE and open to the public.

The second concert is Sunday, November 8, at 7:30 pm. at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky. Performers will be Tim Claubaugh, Organist, and the Terra State College Brass Choir. Works by J. S. Bach, William Walton, Andre Campra, Giovanni Gabrieli, Vaclav Nelhybel, Wilbur Held, and others will be performed. The concert is FREE and open to the public.

Monday, October 5


Have you put the organ / trumpet concert on your calendar for Sunday, October 25, 2009? It is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church, Sandusky and is sponsored by the Sandusky Concert Association. You may have noticed the concert is listed on page 106 of the current issue of TAO. Tickets are $15 and are available by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope with your check to P.O. Box 1537, Sandusky, OH 44871, or purchase your tickets at the door that afternoon. (Editor's Note: You received either in the mail or by email an invitation to the reception after the concert with the persons name and phone number to call to put your name in for the reservation of the reception. If you did not receive an invitation, contact Tim Claubaugh at 419-625-7465 or email at agosandusky@yahoo.com ).

LOOKING AHEAD! Your program Committee looked way ahead and noted that Johann Sebastian Bach’s 325th birthday, March 21, falls on a Sunday in 2010. What better way for church musicians to honor his memory than by having all of us use Bach’s music for organ, solos and choir anthems that day. Not all of his music is technically difficult and we are giving you time to find and practice the music of this greatest of Christian composers. We hope to enlist the cooperation of ALL of our area churches and hopefully get good coverage in the “Sandusky Register.” As the time draws closer, let me know of your cooperation so we can list you as one of the participants.

Then to top off the day’s celebration we are planning an afternoon of 30-minute organ concerts at Holy Angels Catholic Church, First Congregational, UCC, and Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic church. Two organists will play organ solos at each church. Last year’s tour of three churches brought requests to “do it again,” so we are honoring those requests and doing it as part of Bach’s birthday celebration. The recitalists have been selected and will be announced in a future letter. I am excited about these plans and hope that you are too.

Welcome to our newest member, Jann Graham Glann who directs the Chancel Choir at First Presbyterian Church in Huron. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members to our chapter.

Laura M. Stellhorn, Dean

Sunday, September 27


Robert Seaver has an Allen AP4 (model year 2000) computer chip church organ for sale. It is in excellent condition and would be ideal for someone's home or for use in a small church. Robert lives in the Grafton, Ohio area. His phone number is: 440-355-6835 and his email address is rseaver1@windstream.net.

Thursday, September 10


Yes, I am the reason you haven’t received an AGO newsletter the past number of months. It just didn’t have priority on my schedule, and I give you my apologies. However, we are still a viable Chapter in the national American Guild of Organists, and as such are ready to start our 2009-2010 season.

A program committee met Tuesday, September 1 to plan programs of interest and benefit to our members. There is still space for input, and it would be welcome. Your suggestions may be given to any of the officers listed above.

To start the season Henry Kihlken will present his recital at St. John Lutheran Church, Port Clinton, on Sunday, September 27, at 3:00 p.m. A reception will follow. Henry’s recitals are always well planned and well played, so he deserves the support of all our members.

Were you able to enjoy the organ concert on Tuesday, July 7, on the historic Johnson Organ at First Congregational UCC? Christopher Marks gave the concert as part of the annual convention of the national Organ Historical Society, and what a splendid recital it was! Just to be there for that one concert was a privilege. A special word of thanks to our Guild members who helped direct traffic when the seven busses arrived from Cleveland.

Annual dues should now be sent to our Treasurer, Charles Scroggy, at 218 W. Bogart Rd., Sandusky. Regular memberships are $55 plus $15 for local membership; total $70. Special memberships for those over 65 are $37.50 plus the local dues of $15; total $52.50. Partners, second member to the same address, pay only $30 plus the $15 local dues; total $45. Charles would appreciate your sending your check to him promptly so the national office doesn’t haunt him.

The national AGO office informs us we last contributed $50 to the Annual Fund in 2006. “We hope we can count on your renewed support,” writes F. Anthony Thurman, Director of Development and Communications. Can we agree to do that this year?

GOOD NEWS! The Sandusky Concert Association has contracted to bring Anthony and Beard, organ and trumpet, to Zion Lutheran Church, Sandusky, on Sunday, October 25 at 4:00 p.m. (See the Phillip Truckenbrod ad on page 1 of TAO). Ticket prices have yet to be set, but we certainly owe the Concert Association our full support in this endeavor.

Laura M. Stellhorn, Dean


The series on our Sandusky Chapter web site “Organs in the Hood” will be launched in October. This year, we will be covering organs in Sandusky. We hope to cover a different city every year.

This is basically an attempt for our Sandusky Chapter to document and catalog most (if not all) the organs in our Chapter area. This is a HUGE project that Tim Claubaugh will need your help to undertake. He will call the organists in the area to ask about getting into the church to take pictures of each instrument (inside and out) as well as have the organist write up a short article about the instrument. This information (article and pictures) will be posted on our website; 1 every month.

So when Tim calls, please be willing to help.

Friday, August 7



If you received the email below, delete it immediately. This is a fraud. I, in no way, shape or form have ever been or am now in the UK.

These people hijacked / hacked into our agosandusky email account (including the password to get into it). I think I have it back (I had to change the password) - time will tell.

Thanks to the several people who contacted me to tell me about this!
If you have any questions, email or call me.

Tim Claubaugh,

P.S. Does anyone know how much american dollars equals 800 UK Pounds? If so, leave it in the comment section below.


I recently traveled on an invitation for a conference to London UnitedKingdom before the Unfortunate thing happened to me, some armed robbersvisited my room at the hotel where i lodged and robbed me of all the money ibrought , my phone , my return ticket e.t.c , I know it a bit strange for meto have contacted you under this situation and time, believe me because ihave limited access to people and i have chosen you in time of need. I wouldhave call but i also lost my phone during the incident, i don't have anymoney here to eat or even make call ,because i trust and hope that you canhelp me that is why i have decided to contact you.

I cannot get to the person i came here to meet because i lost my phone wherehis phone number were kept ,he does not even know where i am now, I am soconfused right now, I don't know what to do or where to go,I have access toonly emails, No Phone, Pleasecan you loan and send me £800 today so i can return home, As soon as i gethome i would refund it immediately ,you need to help me have it sent throughWestern Union money Transfer because there is no account here, here is thedetails you will need to use in sending it right away please: I am sendingthe details that you will need to send the money in jiffy so that once icome to check the mail you would have sent the money

Name: Tim Claubaugh
Address: 3A Montagu Row, Marylebone, London W1U 6DZ
Amount: £800

I trust that you will be very kind and show mercy to my present ordeal.Help! let me have some relief. Any amount that you send will be refunded.You know my value and worth, i am also making it know to you to keep thematter secret I have ask you to loan me the money because i believe i cancount on you and believing in my heart that i can trust you with my problem.

Write me immediately so that i know when you will have sent it, andimmediately you have sent it , scan and send me the western union moneytransfer receipt or just write out the details on the receipt and send to me. Please keep this to your self only please, this embarrassment is enough..

Tim Claubaugh

Tuesday, August 4


Recent updates were done to the following areas:

1) "This Month in Music History" (and in the sidebar).
2) "Monthly Videos" (and in the sidebar).
3) New article below: "Ideas Needed"
4) New article below: "Chapter Dues"
5) New article below: "OHS Concert Review" by Charles Scroggy.

Remember if you have something that would be of interest for our chapter, contact Tim Claubaugh at agosandusky@yahoo.com .


OHS 54th Annual National Convention
July 5 - 10, 2009, Cleveland
By Charles Scroggy

Although the 2009 OHS Annual National Convention was based in Cleveland, Ohio, convention attendees stopped at First Congregational United Church of Christ, Sandusky, Ohio for an organ recital on Tuesday, July 7 as the group traveled from Cleveland to Toledo.

After a 55-minute delay due to the late arrival of the approximately 385 convention attendees, organist Christopher Marks, assistant professor of organ at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, began his recital by playing Nathan Hale Allen’s Spring Gathering on the church’s 1875 Johnson & Son organ. The swift, pianistic style piece from Dudley Buck’s four-volume anthology entitled Vox Organi featured the Swell Oboe in the opening and closing sections. The unseasonable, summer temperatures in the low 70s and the bright, sunny day of July 7, 2009 were unintentionally interpreted by Marks’ selection.

Spring Gathering was followed by Night: A Meditation written in 1907 by Arthur Foote. The softer stops of the organ, beginning with the Swell Stopped Diapason, Swell Salicional, and the Great Dulciana, were highlighted. After a slight crescendo in the middle section, the piece concluded on the quiet Swell Salicional coupled to the Pedal Bourdon.

An OHS tradition is to sing a hymn at each recital facing the organ. As if on cue, the attendees rose and sang two verses of Now on Land and Sea Descending. Marks added the Pedal Trombone as the final verse began, the Great Mixture IV on the refrain, and the Great Trumpet on the final stanza to combine the organ’s full ensemble with the powerful voices of the mostly male attendees.

A theme and variations on VESPER HYMN, the tune for Now on Land and Sea Descending, was then played. The five variations and five transitions of the piece, composed by Samuel B. Whitney, creatively demonstrated the four, organ pipe families: principles, reeds, flutes, and strings. Although the audience had been instructed prior to the recital to refrain from applause after each selection, the audience offered a well-deserved round of applause after Marks’ pedal solo and coda that used, in Marks’ words, “everything but the kitchen sink.”

The recital then shifted from service music to program music with Scherzino by Horatio Parker (1863-1919) which demonstrated the full range of the Great Melodia. Scherzino was the most obvious pianistic piece of the program, and it had striking resemblances to composers like Chopin rather than most organ music of Horatio Parker’s day.

Marks concluded his recital with Allegro vivace non troppo from the third and final movement of Dudley Buck’s Second Sonata, Op. 77. Full and medium choruses were used throughout the piece until the manuals were coupled near the end after a fiery pedal solo on the Pedal Trombone. Marks wrote that he felt this was an appropriate selection for his recital because of “Buck’s long-standing relationship with the Johnson organ firm.” Only the original Johnson stops “(or their replacements, in the case of the reeds)” were used, according to Marks.

Forty minutes after the recital began, the appreciative audience delivered a standing ovation before they quickly exited the church and walked to board motorcoaches in Zion Lutheran Church’s parking lot for the trip to Toledo. Three additional recitals were scheduled that afternoon and evening in Toledo before the group returned to their hotel in Cleveland.


Our chapter Program committee is looking for ideas for this coming program year. If you have any ideas for any programs this year, please contact Laura Stellhorn at 419-626-0231 or email them to agosandusky@yahoo.com .

Your help and ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!


Chapter dues were due for the 2009-2010 year on June 30. Regular - $70.00 / Special - $52.50 (age 65 or over) / Student - $39.00 / Partner - $45.00 (second member of same household. No magazine for second member.) / Chapter Friend - $15.00.

If you have not yet done so, please mail your dues ASAP to Charles Scroggy, 218 W. Bogart Rd., Sandusky, OH 44870.

Wednesday, July 8


The Organ Historical Society had one of their week long convention concerts at the Congregational UCC in Sandusky on Tuesday, July 7 at 1:00. There was standing room only in the church with well over 450 people in attendance.

Christopher Marks was the organist and he played the following program:

"Spring Greeting" (1896) - Nathan Hale Allen (1848-1925)

"Night: A Meditation" (1907) - Arthur Foote (1853-1937)

Hymn, "Now, on Land and Sea Descending" - Vesper Hymn

"Vesper Hymn" (1885) - Samuel B. Whitney (1842-1914)

"Scherzino, Op. 66, No. 3" (1910) - Horatio Parker (1863-1919)

"Allegro vivace non troppo" - Dudley Buck (1839-1909)
from Second Sonata, Op. 11 (1877)

Marks choose these pieces because they were all written for instruments of this time period. He holds degrees from the University of Richmond (BM, piano), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MM, piano and MM, organ), and the Eastman School of Music (DMA, organ), where he studied with Michael Farris. His performances have garnered him top prizes in the Arthur Poister, San Marino, Fort Wayne, and Mader competitions.

Marks taught organ and served as university organist at Syracuse University from 1999-2006. He is now assistant professor of organ at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Marks's recordings for the Raven label, is the first of a projected three-dis set to be devoted to the organ music of Seth Bingham (1882-1972), who was a prominent New York composer and organist.

View the short article as well as pictures and a video on the Sandusky Register online paper here.

Thursday, June 11



The 2009 Convetnion Steering Committtee has elected to waive the late registration fees!

Highlights of the 2009 Detroit Regional Convention include performances of the finalist submissions for the Marilyn Mason new Organ Music Composition Competition by Lynne Davis, Martin Jean playing the famed Hill Auditorium organ at the University of Michigan, performances by Todd Wilson, Janette Fishell, Fred Hohman, and the Quimby Young Organists competition taking place in the beautiful setting of Christ Church Cranbrook as well as many, varied workshop presentations.

We are only three weeks from the start of the convention, and we need YOU to make plans to attend today!

I encourage you to point your broser to httpp://detroitago.org/images/stories/Regional%202009%20BROCHURE-75.pdf , to print and mail your registration form, and start making plans to motor to the Motor City!

See you in June,
Dr. Joseph D. Daniel
Detroit Regional Convention Chair

Attendees are responsible for their own housing arrangements.

Convetnion Hotel & Exhibits: Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott, Renaissance Center, Detroit. Phone: (313) - 568 - 8000. FAX: (313) - 568 - 8146.
Ask for AGO rage ($129+tax).
Contact Convention Registrar, Elgin Clingaman, eclingaman@aol.com for special needs.

See the Detoit convention web site at www.detroitago.org

Tuesday, June 9


Recent updates were done to the following areas:

1) Over all look has changed. Do you like it, or hate it? Post your comment below.

2) "This Month in Music History" (in the sidebar).

3) "Upcoming Area Events" (in the sidebar).

4) "Monthly Videos" (in the sidebar).

5) New articles below: "Chapter Dues Due;" "From Our Dean for June 2009;" and "Organs in the Hood."

Remember if you have something that would be of interest for our chapter, contact Tim Claubaugh at agosandusky@yahoo.com .


Chapter dues will soon be due for the 2009-2010 year. Regular - $70.00 / Special - $52.50 (age 65 or over) / Student - $39.00 / Partner - $45.00 (second member of same household. No magazine for second member.) / Chapter Friend - $15.00. Please mail your dues no later than JUNE 30 to Charles Scroggy, 218 W. Bogart Rd., Sandusky, OH 44870.


Greetings to you as another busy season of church music concludes and a slower-paced summer season begins. Here are several things to bring to your attention:

1) Nancy Russell, Ago Ohio District convener, hosted a meeting of Deans at the Bunn-Minnick Pipe Organ Co. in Columbus on May 2, 2009, and sent me a written report. I was not able to attend, but I phoned a Sandusky Chapter report to Nancy. Seven Ohio Deans attended along with two Regional officers. Nancy urged us to support the Annual Fund as a chapter or as individuals. A donation of $3 per member would pay costs of liability insurance. She also encourages us to network with other chapters and build on our strengths.

2) Remember the Organ Historical Society’s national convention coming to Sandusky’s First Congregational UCC on Tuesday, July 7. A public recital will be given at 1:00 p.m. by Christopher Marks. We have promised Charles Scroggy any help he needs in hosting this part of the Convention’s stop in Sandusky.

3) The Sandusky Concert Association has booked an organ-trumpet concert as the opening number on its 2009-2010 series. Anthony and Beard (note their photos in the Phillip Truckenbrod ad in “TAO”) will give the concert Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church, Sandusky. Tickets will be $15 for adults, and $5 for students. As organists we need to support this concert in every possible way: attend the concert yourself, bring friends, publicize the event, and offer help as needed and requested. This is a fantastic opportunity for organists to invite potential students to attend and consider lessons on the king of instruments.

4) And finally annual AGO dues should be sent to our treasurer Charles Scroggy. See the posting above for prices and when those need to be in. Your dues support the national and local organizations and include your subscription to TAO.

Have a great summer, and I’ll look for you at First Congregational UCC on Tuesday, July 7!
(signed) Laura Stellhorn, Dean


“Organs in the Hood” is a feature on our web site where Sandusky Chapter members take a look at organs throughout the Sandusky Chapter area. These articles include information about each instrument as well as pictures and specification list. This will also be a way for our chapter to “catalog” most (if not all) the organs in our area. Each summer we hope to feature the organs in a different city. The city that we will concentrate on this summer is Sandusky. Tim Claubaugh will be contacting organists in Sandusky to set up times to take pictures and get the specifications of many of the instruments in Sandusky. Then beginning in September, we hope to feature one instrument every month for the entire year.

Wednesday, May 13


The following area organists are available to sub in area churches:

Laura Stellhorn 419-626-0231
Marlene Longer 419-684-7737
Brian McGookey 419-366-0863 (May-Mid August only)

If you would like to be added to the area sub organist list, contact the editor, Tim Claubaugh at agosandusky@yahoo.com .

Wednesday, May 6


Yes, we still have an AGO Chapter in Sandusky; and we want you to know of musical events we can all enjoy in the coming weeks. Click here to see the ones we know about.

This is a quote from the newsletter of the Toledo Chapter AGO: “Music consists of organized sounds and silences. Silences are harder than sounds, and soft is harder than loud, and slow is harder than fast.” I’ll bet you choir directors can agree with Martha Esbin on that one!

Laura Stellhorn, Dean

Tuesday, April 28


There were about 100 people that attended the Organ & Brass Concert with Organist Tim Claubaugh and the Terra Brass Choir. The Terra Brass Choir consists of 4 Trumpets, 2 French Horns, 2 Trombones, and 2 Tubas all under the direction of Jeff Blanchard.

Below is the program that was performed:

Performed from the balcony:
BRASS: "Toccata from "L Orfeo" - Monteverdi / arr. Leavitt
ORGAN & BRASS: "Praise the Lord With Drums & Cymbals" - Karg-Elert/arr. Brantigan BRASS: "Ave Maria" - Schbuert / arr. Gale

Performed down front:
ORGAN: "Legende" - Louis Vierne
ORGAN & BRASS: "Voluntary in D" - Stanley / arr. Leavitt
ORGAN: "Hornpipe" (From "Water Music") - G. F. Handel BRASS: "Fugue on the Magnificat" - Pachelbel / arr. Dishinger
ORGAN & BRASS: "In Dulci Jubilo" - Praetorius / arr. King
ORGAN: "Fantasy Prelude on an Easter Hymn" - Gilbert Martin
ORGAN & BRASS: "My Spirit Be Joyful" (from Cantata No. 146) - J. S. Bach
ORGAN: "Tuba Tune in D Major" - C. S. Lang
ORGAN & BRASS: "Maestoso" (From "Symphony No. 3") - Saint-Sanes/arr. Gardner

A special thank you to St. Mary's photographer, Craig Rudolph! !
Click on the picture to see it in a larger format.

The church before the concert began.

The first three pieces on the program were played from the balcony
First Row: Thomas Hetzel, Stephanie Lehr, Jackie Macko
Second Row: Rosemary Titkemeier, Travis Magoto
Third Row: Duane Waite, John Waite, Steve Shimer, Barry Cover

Terra Brass Choir Director, Jeff Blanchard, talking to the audience.

The final bows.

Wednesday, April 15


An "Organ & Brass Concert" will be held at St. Mary's, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky, on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. The brass are the "Terra Brass" from Terra Community College with St. Mary's Organist, Tim Claubaugh. This concert is FREE and open to the public. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this exciting concert! ! !

For more information, contact Tim Claubaugh at 419-625-7465, ext 18 or email at music@stmarysandusky.org

Monday, April 6


MARCH 2010:
This months video features again the English Boy Choir "Libera." This 5:22 long video is of the Libera Choir singing "Going Home" live at one of their many concerts that they give every year.


This month's video is Fr. Edward Beck on ABC News Now interviewing Joe Simmons and Nancy Meyer. Meyer is a singer and actress and cantor at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Lincoln Center, New York City. Simmons is the “Principal Cantor” at St. John The Baptist Church in New York City and was the cantor at the recent Yankee Stadium Mass with Pope Benedict. Both Meyer and Simmons have recent CD’s out. This video is 6:51 in length.


This months video features the English Boy Choir "Libera." This video contains highlights from the U. S. tour in 2008. It shows the boys being boys as well as showing their "angelic" side while performing. The video also shows short clips of some of their concerts including the Pre-Mass concert at Yankee Stadium when Pope Benedict was there. With their musical talent, Libera is a group of very gifted boys. The video is 6:31.


With Christmas coming upon us, a version of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" is in order. And who best to play this wonderful Christmas Carol than the famous Virgil Fox in concert, complete with audience participation! ! ! This video is 5:51 in length.


This weeks organ clip is another Virgil Fox clip. In this clip, he is playing the “National Anthem” and parts of it he plays only with his feet.

With the National Holiday, Labor Day being this month, we have another Virgil Fox video of Fox playing the "National Anthem" and parts of it he plays only with his feet! ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ocgQ-00deI

AUGUST 2009:
Perhaps if the weather was reported like this on the evening news, we would pay closer attention.


Good Anglican chant is hard to find!

JULY 2009:
LIBERA (5:30):
The group is comprised of about 15 boys from all over London, England. Their ages are six to sixteen. They toured the US back when Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass at Yankee Stadium (April 2008). They are an amazing choir with rich, pure, and yet haunting voices.
Check this link out the link:

A colleague of mine said it so well when he wrote,
“It really angers me that in our American culture we place so much emphasis on sports and by their audacity of questioning their masculinity, heap ridicule on innocent children when they sing to their hearts’ desire, sometimes destroying that innocence forever….for what gain? State championships, all-league, all-state honors are really only temporary and fleeting. And THAT is supposed to teach our young people about life?

These kids raise the beauty of the human voice to the highest level of musical art. I have been blessed to hear the Moscow Boys Choir, the Vienna Boys Choir, the Texas Boys Choir, the Pittsburgh Children’s Choir and now Libera (although not in person, yet!).

Through these childrens’ voices, they have soared and touched the wings of angels and have shared their God given talents for the nurturing of our spirits and the edification of our souls. In their simplicity, by sharing their art, they….have allowed us… a glimpse of the Sacred Artist…..”

JUNE 2009:
This months organ video clip is a “Funny.” In this video, the organist supposedly has at their disposal a 128’ stop (complete with a “danger” sign) which he draws on and then the video shows you the consequence of drawing this stop on and how it effects an entire city! ! ! VERY funny.


MAY 2009:
This months organ clips are from the famous Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah. This building is considered by many to be the most acoustically perfect building in the world. It recently underwent a massive multi-million dollar renovation. This huge pipe organ has grown in size over the years. The last additions were done in the 1950’s.

The Renovation of the LDS (Mormon) Salt Lake Tabernacle

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Celebrates Re-opening of Tabernacle

APRIL 2009:
This month's organ video clip is again on the largest pipe organ in the world at the Atlantic City, New Jersey Convention / Auditorium also known as the “Boardwalk Hall.” The organ is a 449 Rank Midmer-losh, Op. 5550 with 2 consoles. The first console has 5 manuals (keyboards) and the second console has 7 manuals.

The Auditorium Organ
Recording date & location

Boardwalk Hall Midmer Losh Atlantic City

MARCH 2009:
The largest pipe organ in the world at the Atlantic City, New Jersey Convention / Auditorium also known as the “Boardwalk Hall.” The first video (2 minutes, 5 seconds) is a little intro to the hall itself: it’s history and the $90 million renovation / restoration project that it has undergone. The second video (1 minute, 54 seconds long) is a summary of this massive instrument which is currently under a multi-million dollar restoration project. It is a 449 Rank Midmer-losh, Op. 5550 with 2 consoles. The first console has 5 manuals (keyboards) and the second console has 7 manuals. Next month's video will go into a little more detail about the organ itself.
Boardwalk Hall - Atlantic City Tour:
The Senator's Masterpiece (trailer):

Virgil Fox playing “Perpetual Motion” by Middelschultehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbGCriVk9UM&feature=related

Monday, March 23


Sandusky St. Mary's Church has a new Music Ministry website. It can be viewed at http://stmarysmusicministry.blogspot.com/.

The parish website is http://www.stmarysandusky.org/

If your church has a Music or Music Ministry web site, contact the editor (Tim Claubaugh) at agosandusky@yahoo.com and we will write a brief article about it and post it in the side bar.



01, 1620 – Thomas Campion, poet & composer died.

02, 1714 – J. S. Bach, while serving as organist in Weimar, is given the new title of “Konzertmeister” with the duty of composing a cantata every month.

02, 1824 – Bedrich Smetana was born in Litomyschl.

03, 1875 – Premiere of Bizet’s “Carmen” at the Opera-Comique in Paris.

04, 1678 – Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice.

04, 1703 – J. S. Bach is appointed court violinist at Weimar, but serves only through July before accepting the organist post at Arnstadt.

05, 1953 – Serge Prokofiev died; the same day the Joseph Stalin died.

06, 1853 – Premiere of Verdi’s “La Traviata” in Venice.

06, 1932 – John Philip Sousa died.

07, 1875 – Maurice Ravel was born in Cliboure.

07, 1896 – Priemere of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Grand Duke.”

08, 1714 – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach is baptized in Weimar. Georg Philpp Teleman is

08, 1869 – Hector Berlioz died.

09, 1842 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Nabacco” at La Scala.

09, 1844 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Ernani” in Venice.

10, 1749 – Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart’s great librettist, was born near Venice.

11, 1829 – Mendelssohn led J. S. Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” in Berlin. The works
first performance since Bach’s death in 79 years.

11, 1851 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Rigoletto” in Venice.

11, 1867 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Don Carlo” in Paris.

12, 1710 – Thomas Arne born in London.

12, 1857 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Sinon Baccanegra” in Venice.

13, 1797 – Premiere of Cherubini’s “Medea” in Paris.

13, 1860 – Hugo Wolf was born in Slovenigrade, Yugoslavia.

14, 1681 – George Philipp Telemann was born in Magdeburg.

14, 1804 – Johann Strauss, Sr. was born in Vienna.

14, 1847 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Macbeth” in Florence.

15, 1700 – Due to the lack of funds, the 15-year old J. S. Bach leaves school at Ohrfruf to become a chorister at Lueneburg.

15, 1842 – Leiugi Cherubini died.

15, 1956 – Premiere of “My Fair Lady” in New York.

16, 1736 – Giovanni Battesta Pergolesi died.

16, 1881 – Modest Mussorgsky died.

17, 1846 – Premiere of Verdi’s “Attila” in Venice.

18, 1731 – Baptisim of Christiana Dorothea, J. S. Bach’s 15th child, in Leipzig.

18, 1844 – Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov was born in Likhoin.

19, 1859 – Premiere of Gounods “Faust” in Paris.

19, 1873 – Max Reger was born in Brand, Bavaria.

20, 1890 – Beniamino Gigli, Italian tenor was born in Recanati.

21, 1685 – Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach. He was named after godfathers
Johann Georg Koch and Sebastian Nagel.

21, 1829 – Modest Mussorgsky was born in Karedo.

22, 1687 – Jean Baptiste Lully died in Paris

23, 1729 – Premiere of J. S. Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” in Leipzig.

23, 1731 – Premiere of J. S. Bach’s “St. Mark Passion” (BWV 247) in Leipzig.

24, 1721 – Bach dedicates his “Six Brandenburg Concertos” to the Margrave of
Brandenburg in Coethen.

24, 1916 – Enrique Granados died when his ship was torpedoed in the English Channel.

25, 1875 – Premiere of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Trial by Jury.”

25, 1881 – Bela Bartok was born in Nagy Szent Miklos.

25, 1918 – Claude Debussy died.

26, 1730 – Premiere of J. S. Bach’s motet “Come, Jesus, Come” in Leipzig.

26, 1827 – Ludwig Van Beethoven died during a thunderstorm in Vienna.

27, 1723 – Premiere of J. S. Bach’s “St. John Passion” in Leipzig.

27, 1859 – Vincent D’lndy was born in Paris.

28, 1896 – Premiere of Gindano’s “Andrea Chenier” in La Scala.

28, 1903 – Rudolf Serkin was born in Eger, Bohemia.

28, 1942 – Sergi Rachmaninoff died.

29, 1839 – Premiere of Schubert’s 9th Symphony, conducted by Mendelssohn in Leipzig.

29, 1906 – English Organist E. Power Biggs born at Westcliff-on-Sea England.

30, 1729 – J. S. Bach takes over the duties of director fo the University’s “Collegium Musicum,” in Leipzig.

30, 1982 – Karl Orff died.

31, 1732 – Franz Joseph Haydn was born in the village of Rohrau, Austria.

If you have an event to add to this month or any month during the year, contact Tim Claubaugh, editor at agosandusky@yahoo.com.

Wednesday, March 18


Below is a list of musicians that are available either for a permanent position or to sub.

David Howat, 6056 Liberty AveVermilion, OH. 44089-1040, Home phone: 440-967-8716; Cell Phone 440-396-8185; email: dhowat@ashland.edu . Looking to play (organ or piano) Saturday afternoon or evening service / Mass.

Tuesday, March 17


The Don Glasgow Organ Series in the Opera House in Fayette, Ohio is looking for someone to perform at one of their series organ concerts on Sunday, December 13, 2009. The opera house has a 3mp Mason & Hamlin reed organ, an Alexandre harmonium, another American reed organ and a Yamaha grand piano.

There would be a stipened for this. For more information contact Larry Claus email at behsstlc@cros.net or phone at 419-577-6071.

Monday, March 16


The 27th Annual St. Mary's Spring Concert date has been changed from Sunday, May 17 to Saturday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m. This concert will be dedicated to St. Mary's pastor, Fr. Philip Feltman who will be retiring on June 30, 2009. The concert will feature the Children's Choir, Contemporary Choir and the Parish Choir. For more information, contact Tim Claubaugh at 419-625-7465, Ext. 18 or at music@stmarysandusky.org .

Monday, March 9


Several members of our Sandusky Chapter met recently to talk about the future of our group. We realize we are failing to attract members to monthly programs that end up poorly attended and of limited interest or benefit. Yet we want to remain a viable Chapter in the national organization and have offered fine programs to the community, for example: the Schweitzer / Bach program in March 2007 and the October 2008 Organ Spectacular recitals. How should we plan for the future?

First of all, please answer the few questions prepared by James Gardner enclosed with this letter to give us YOUR thoughts and input. For the immediate future we will continue to keep in touch with newsletters, listing the many musical events scheduled in our area. If your church has a special musical event planned, let us know so we can help with publicity. As opportunities present themselves, we will sponsor major programs to share with our members and the community. Of course, we are looking for new members to be part of this world’s largest organization of musicians serving 20,000 members in more than 300 Chapters throughout the United States and abroad. You should know that Tim Claubaugh has opened a web site for our Sandusky Chapter. Check it out at http://agosandusky.blogspot.com/ . Thanks Tim for your interest, skills, and initiative in this project.
-Laura Stellhorn, Dean


Dear Chapter Members,

In an effort to plan the most interesting, educational and entertaining programs for the next program year, we are asking your help. Please complete this questionnaire and return it to our dean Laura Stellhorn. We all agree that better attendance at Chapter events is a sure way to help sell ourselves to prospective members. So, please take a few minutes to express your views and mail or deliver your copy to Laura at 113 E. Jefferson St., Sandusky, OH 44870. To print out a copy of this questionnaire, just click on the article title ("Questionnaire") then you should be able to print just this article / questionnaire rather than the entire web page. Or you can request an email copy from agosandusky@yahoo.com .

1. Here is a list of some of our most recent successful programs:
a. Progressive organ recitals in Danbury/Marblehead, Port Clinton, Norwalk,
Huron and Sandusky.
b. Organ crawls at rural churches east and south of Bellevue, the Frohman/Weeks Mansion and Jackson Jr. High School
c. Attending the Oberlin Conservatory organ student’s concert for the Lorain County AGO Chapter and dining with that Chapter and student recitalists afterwards.
d. Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza event for young musicians – hoping to awaken their interest in the organ.
e. Concerts/Programs for the community such as the Aaron David Miller recital and the Albert Schweitzer / J. S. Bach program – both very well attended.
f. Recitals by Henry Kihlken and concerts by the St. Mary’s Parish Choir under the direction of Tim Claubaugh.

2. In the space provided, please comment if you might like to see any of these programs repeated or reincarnated in other forms.

3. Have you attended any programs, recitals or meetings during the last two years?

4. If you have not attended meetings and care to share your reasons, please do.

5. Some ideas for other kinds of programs include a hymn sing or festival, a choral or organ music workshop, and demos of music for organ and instruments. Please comment on any of these that interest you and list other ideas you may have.

6. Are you interested in having social events such as a dinner or picnic once or twice a year? Other ideas for socials?

7. Please give us the names of prospective members. They may be organists, choir directors and/or persons interested in organs or church music. If you can include an address and something about the person it will be helpful.

8. Signing your name is optional, however, we are hoping for 100% participation in completing and returning the questionnaire.

- Jim Gardner


What is an organists favorite ballet?
Posaune Lake

What did the organ teacher say to the organ student who was trying to play "Dieu Parmi Nous" instead of his lesson plans?
Stop Messiaen around!

Why is a person who plays a pipe organ like a baby?"
"Because they play with their feet!

What do you call a short headmaster?
A 4-foot principal.

How does an organist change his/her old fashioned underclothing?
With a "combination" piston!

What do the Germans call keys packed in a container whose volume is similar to a quart?

Why is the pipe organ more moral than a grand piano?
Because it's principals are more upstanding!

Why is it more permissible to play risqué music on a grand piano?
Because the studio consoles are more upright!

Wednesday, March 4


Former Sanduskian, May Schwarz, sent information for the 2009 Summer Term at Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Bexley Hall Seminary) in Columbus, Ohio.

There is a three week run of courses June 1-19, or three separate one week courses: June 1-5, June 8-12, and June 15-19. All courses run Monday thru Friday with daily worship at 10:45.

For a Acrobat Reader (PDF) file, contact the editor at agosandusky@yahoo.com and one will be sent to you, or mail your request to Tim Claubaugh, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky, Ohio and a copy will be sent to you by snail mail.

For more information on the courses vist their summer courses web page:
http://www.trinitylutheranseminary.edu/Academics/Calendar.asp and click on "Register now for Summer Courses" and "2009 Summer Music Courses."

For more information on Trinity Lutheran Seminary, visit their web site at http://www.trinitylutheranseminary.edu/

Tuesday, March 3


Our April program will be with the AGO Lorain County Chapter on Sunday, April 26, 4:00 p.m. This program will be their annual Oberlin Student Organ Recital at Oberlin College's Finney Chapel. The recital is free and open to the public. Dinner to follow at the Oberlin Inn (Menu and price will be posted soon). Dinner reservations should be made to Tim Claubaugh (419-625-7465, ext. 18 or at agosandusky@yahoo.com ) no later than Wednesday, April 15.

Also of interest that day is the Organ & Brass concert at St. Mary's Church at 7:30 p.m. For more information see the article below "Upcoming Area Events" or here: http://agosandusky.blogspot.com/2009/02/upcoming-area-events.html

Thursday, February 26


There are MANY excellent hymns for the Lent season. "What Wondrous Love is This" has been around for a long time. The text was written by Alexander Means (1801-1853) and is written in 12 9 12 12 9 meter. The tune (WONDROUS LOVE) comes from the 1835 edition of "Southern Harmony." This hymn has been part of the great American Hymnody for well over 100 years.

1. What wondrous love is this, o my soul, o my soul?
What wondrous love is this, o my soul?
What wondrous love is this that caused the Lord of bliss
To bear the dreadful curse for my soul, for my soul;
To bear the dreadful curse for my soul?

2. To God and to the Lamb I will sing, I will sing;
To God and to the Lamb I will sing;
To God and to the Lamb who is the great I Am,
While millions join the theme, I will sing, I will sing;
While millions join the theme, I will sing.

3. And when from death I'm free, I'll sing on, I'll sing on;
And when from death I'm free, I'll sing on;
And when from death I'm free, I'll sing and joyful be,
And through eternity I'll sing on, I'll sing on!
And through eternity, I'll sing on.


Currently, we are not aware of any open positions in any area churches. If you know of a church that is looking for an organist, pianist, or choral director, contact the editor at agosandusky@yahoo.com .

Tuesday, February 24


To post a comment, the first few steps are pretty obvious, but steps 4 & 5 below will be helpful to know: 1) Click on "comments" under the article that you want to leave a post; 2) Write your comment in the "Leave your Comment" box; 3) Fill in the "Word Verification" box; 4) Under "Choose and Identity," click on "Name/URL;" 5) fill in your name in the "Name" box. We hope that you would list your name, although that is not required. If you wish to remain anonymous, just type in "anon" or "anonymous;" 6) Click on "Publish Your Comment," and PRESTO, your comment is published!

If you have problems posting any comments, contact the editor at agosandusky@yahoo.com .


Lent is here and we as church musicians tend to do some things differently than we do the rest of the year in our churches. Post a comment below and let us know what you and your church are doing that is different this Lent whether it is with your hymnody, choral music, decorations, something within the Liturgy itself, organ music, or even organ registration. Whatever it is, click on the comment link below and share it with us.

Sunday, February 22


If you want something posted, simply contact the editor at: agosandusky@yahoo.com and say what you would like posted on our web / blog.

The editor is always looking for things to post here, so send us what you would like to have posted.

Friday, February 20


**Sunday, Septmber 27 at 3:00 p.m. Henry Kihlken will give his annual organ recital at St. John Lutheran Church 207 Adams St., Port Clinton, OH. The concert is free and open to the public. Call 419-734-5548 for more information.


**Sunday, October 25 at 4:00 p.m. Organ and Trumpet (Anthony & Beard) Concert at Zion Lutheran Church, 503 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. This concert has been booked by the Sandusky Concert Association. Tickets: $15 Adults / $5 Students.


Sunday, November 1, 1:30 pm, Organ and Brass concert at Sts. Peter & Paul Church, 510 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. The concert will feature John Franks on organ with the Boradale Brass. They will perform music of J. S. Bach, Benedetto Marcello, Samuel Barber and others. The concert is FREE and open to the public.


Sunday, November 8, at 7:30 pm. Organ and Brass Concert at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky. Performers will be Tim Claubaugh, Organist, and the Terra State College Brass Choir. Works by J. S. Bach, William Walton, Andre Campra, Giovanni Gabrieli, Vaclav Nelhybel, Wilbur Held, and others will be performed. The concert is FREE and open to the public.


**The Sandusky Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is celebrating the 325th birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach on Sunday, March 21, 2010 with a "Church Walk" type concert at 3 local churches. People may either walk or drive from church to church. First Congregational is one block from Emmanuel, and Sts. Peter and Paul is across the street from First Congregational. All five organists will perform organ works of J. S. Bach

The event begins at 3:00 at Emmanuel United Church of Christ, 334 Columbus Ave. Organists Jim Gardner and Henry Kihlken will perform.

At about 3:20 everyone will move to First Congregational UCC, 431 Columbus Ave., where organists Charles Scroggy and Randy Ruthsatz will perform.

At about 3:50, everyone will move to Sts. Peter and Paul, 510 Columbus Ave., where organist Tim Claubaugh will perform. A reception will follow afterwards in the gathering room at Sts. Peter & Paul.

This event is free and open to the public.


Sunday, April 18, 3:00 p.m., Sandusky Choral Society; Grace Episcopal Church; 315 Wayne St., Sandusky. Admission charge.


Sunday, April 18, 7:30 p.m., Organ and Brass Concert; Tim Claubaugh, Organist and the Terra Brass Choir; St. Mary’s Church, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky. FREE ADMISSION.


Sunday, May 8, 7:30 p.m., Firelands Chorus; Zion Lutheran Church, 503 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. Admission charge.


Sunday, May 16, 7:30 p.m., Annual Spring Concert; St. Mary’s Parish Choir, Tim Claubaugh, Organist / Director; St. Mary’s Church, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky. FREE ADMISSION.

**=AGO events.

If you have an event that you would like posted, contact the editor at agosandusky@yahoo.com .
We would like to post events that are happening in your church or other noteworthy concerts around the area.

Wednesday, February 18


This is a new web / blog site for the Sandusky Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. We hope to eventually have our newsletters posted here as well as pictures and websites of interest.

We hope you check back often.