Monday, March 9


Several members of our Sandusky Chapter met recently to talk about the future of our group. We realize we are failing to attract members to monthly programs that end up poorly attended and of limited interest or benefit. Yet we want to remain a viable Chapter in the national organization and have offered fine programs to the community, for example: the Schweitzer / Bach program in March 2007 and the October 2008 Organ Spectacular recitals. How should we plan for the future?

First of all, please answer the few questions prepared by James Gardner enclosed with this letter to give us YOUR thoughts and input. For the immediate future we will continue to keep in touch with newsletters, listing the many musical events scheduled in our area. If your church has a special musical event planned, let us know so we can help with publicity. As opportunities present themselves, we will sponsor major programs to share with our members and the community. Of course, we are looking for new members to be part of this world’s largest organization of musicians serving 20,000 members in more than 300 Chapters throughout the United States and abroad. You should know that Tim Claubaugh has opened a web site for our Sandusky Chapter. Check it out at . Thanks Tim for your interest, skills, and initiative in this project.
-Laura Stellhorn, Dean

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