Monday, March 9


What is an organists favorite ballet?
Posaune Lake

What did the organ teacher say to the organ student who was trying to play "Dieu Parmi Nous" instead of his lesson plans?
Stop Messiaen around!

Why is a person who plays a pipe organ like a baby?"
"Because they play with their feet!

What do you call a short headmaster?
A 4-foot principal.

How does an organist change his/her old fashioned underclothing?
With a "combination" piston!

What do the Germans call keys packed in a container whose volume is similar to a quart?

Why is the pipe organ more moral than a grand piano?
Because it's principals are more upstanding!

Why is it more permissible to play risqué music on a grand piano?
Because the studio consoles are more upright!


Anonymous said...

These jokes are SO LATE!
And, if you're going to use German words, at least spell them correctly!

Anonymous said...



The Editor said...

I cut and pasted these from another source and forgot to correct those spelling mistakes.

Thanks for the reminder.