Tuesday, April 28


There were about 100 people that attended the Organ & Brass Concert with Organist Tim Claubaugh and the Terra Brass Choir. The Terra Brass Choir consists of 4 Trumpets, 2 French Horns, 2 Trombones, and 2 Tubas all under the direction of Jeff Blanchard.

Below is the program that was performed:

Performed from the balcony:
BRASS: "Toccata from "L Orfeo" - Monteverdi / arr. Leavitt
ORGAN & BRASS: "Praise the Lord With Drums & Cymbals" - Karg-Elert/arr. Brantigan BRASS: "Ave Maria" - Schbuert / arr. Gale

Performed down front:
ORGAN: "Legende" - Louis Vierne
ORGAN & BRASS: "Voluntary in D" - Stanley / arr. Leavitt
ORGAN: "Hornpipe" (From "Water Music") - G. F. Handel BRASS: "Fugue on the Magnificat" - Pachelbel / arr. Dishinger
ORGAN & BRASS: "In Dulci Jubilo" - Praetorius / arr. King
ORGAN: "Fantasy Prelude on an Easter Hymn" - Gilbert Martin
ORGAN & BRASS: "My Spirit Be Joyful" (from Cantata No. 146) - J. S. Bach
ORGAN: "Tuba Tune in D Major" - C. S. Lang
ORGAN & BRASS: "Maestoso" (From "Symphony No. 3") - Saint-Sanes/arr. Gardner

A special thank you to St. Mary's photographer, Craig Rudolph! !
Click on the picture to see it in a larger format.

The church before the concert began.

The first three pieces on the program were played from the balcony
First Row: Thomas Hetzel, Stephanie Lehr, Jackie Macko
Second Row: Rosemary Titkemeier, Travis Magoto
Third Row: Duane Waite, John Waite, Steve Shimer, Barry Cover

Terra Brass Choir Director, Jeff Blanchard, talking to the audience.

The final bows.

Wednesday, April 15


An "Organ & Brass Concert" will be held at St. Mary's, 429 Central Ave., Sandusky, on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. The brass are the "Terra Brass" from Terra Community College with St. Mary's Organist, Tim Claubaugh. This concert is FREE and open to the public. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this exciting concert! ! !

For more information, contact Tim Claubaugh at 419-625-7465, ext 18 or email at music@stmarysandusky.org

Monday, April 6


MARCH 2010:
This months video features again the English Boy Choir "Libera." This 5:22 long video is of the Libera Choir singing "Going Home" live at one of their many concerts that they give every year.


This month's video is Fr. Edward Beck on ABC News Now interviewing Joe Simmons and Nancy Meyer. Meyer is a singer and actress and cantor at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Lincoln Center, New York City. Simmons is the “Principal Cantor” at St. John The Baptist Church in New York City and was the cantor at the recent Yankee Stadium Mass with Pope Benedict. Both Meyer and Simmons have recent CD’s out. This video is 6:51 in length.


This months video features the English Boy Choir "Libera." This video contains highlights from the U. S. tour in 2008. It shows the boys being boys as well as showing their "angelic" side while performing. The video also shows short clips of some of their concerts including the Pre-Mass concert at Yankee Stadium when Pope Benedict was there. With their musical talent, Libera is a group of very gifted boys. The video is 6:31.


With Christmas coming upon us, a version of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" is in order. And who best to play this wonderful Christmas Carol than the famous Virgil Fox in concert, complete with audience participation! ! ! This video is 5:51 in length.


This weeks organ clip is another Virgil Fox clip. In this clip, he is playing the “National Anthem” and parts of it he plays only with his feet.

With the National Holiday, Labor Day being this month, we have another Virgil Fox video of Fox playing the "National Anthem" and parts of it he plays only with his feet! ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ocgQ-00deI

AUGUST 2009:
Perhaps if the weather was reported like this on the evening news, we would pay closer attention.


Good Anglican chant is hard to find!

JULY 2009:
LIBERA (5:30):
The group is comprised of about 15 boys from all over London, England. Their ages are six to sixteen. They toured the US back when Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass at Yankee Stadium (April 2008). They are an amazing choir with rich, pure, and yet haunting voices.
Check this link out the link:

A colleague of mine said it so well when he wrote,
“It really angers me that in our American culture we place so much emphasis on sports and by their audacity of questioning their masculinity, heap ridicule on innocent children when they sing to their hearts’ desire, sometimes destroying that innocence forever….for what gain? State championships, all-league, all-state honors are really only temporary and fleeting. And THAT is supposed to teach our young people about life?

These kids raise the beauty of the human voice to the highest level of musical art. I have been blessed to hear the Moscow Boys Choir, the Vienna Boys Choir, the Texas Boys Choir, the Pittsburgh Children’s Choir and now Libera (although not in person, yet!).

Through these childrens’ voices, they have soared and touched the wings of angels and have shared their God given talents for the nurturing of our spirits and the edification of our souls. In their simplicity, by sharing their art, they….have allowed us… a glimpse of the Sacred Artist…..”

JUNE 2009:
This months organ video clip is a “Funny.” In this video, the organist supposedly has at their disposal a 128’ stop (complete with a “danger” sign) which he draws on and then the video shows you the consequence of drawing this stop on and how it effects an entire city! ! ! VERY funny.


MAY 2009:
This months organ clips are from the famous Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah. This building is considered by many to be the most acoustically perfect building in the world. It recently underwent a massive multi-million dollar renovation. This huge pipe organ has grown in size over the years. The last additions were done in the 1950’s.

The Renovation of the LDS (Mormon) Salt Lake Tabernacle

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Celebrates Re-opening of Tabernacle

APRIL 2009:
This month's organ video clip is again on the largest pipe organ in the world at the Atlantic City, New Jersey Convention / Auditorium also known as the “Boardwalk Hall.” The organ is a 449 Rank Midmer-losh, Op. 5550 with 2 consoles. The first console has 5 manuals (keyboards) and the second console has 7 manuals.

The Auditorium Organ
Recording date & location

Boardwalk Hall Midmer Losh Atlantic City

MARCH 2009:
The largest pipe organ in the world at the Atlantic City, New Jersey Convention / Auditorium also known as the “Boardwalk Hall.” The first video (2 minutes, 5 seconds) is a little intro to the hall itself: it’s history and the $90 million renovation / restoration project that it has undergone. The second video (1 minute, 54 seconds long) is a summary of this massive instrument which is currently under a multi-million dollar restoration project. It is a 449 Rank Midmer-losh, Op. 5550 with 2 consoles. The first console has 5 manuals (keyboards) and the second console has 7 manuals. Next month's video will go into a little more detail about the organ itself.
Boardwalk Hall - Atlantic City Tour:
The Senator's Masterpiece (trailer):

Virgil Fox playing “Perpetual Motion” by Middelschultehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbGCriVk9UM&feature=related