Monday, March 9


Dear Chapter Members,

In an effort to plan the most interesting, educational and entertaining programs for the next program year, we are asking your help. Please complete this questionnaire and return it to our dean Laura Stellhorn. We all agree that better attendance at Chapter events is a sure way to help sell ourselves to prospective members. So, please take a few minutes to express your views and mail or deliver your copy to Laura at 113 E. Jefferson St., Sandusky, OH 44870. To print out a copy of this questionnaire, just click on the article title ("Questionnaire") then you should be able to print just this article / questionnaire rather than the entire web page. Or you can request an email copy from .

1. Here is a list of some of our most recent successful programs:
a. Progressive organ recitals in Danbury/Marblehead, Port Clinton, Norwalk,
Huron and Sandusky.
b. Organ crawls at rural churches east and south of Bellevue, the Frohman/Weeks Mansion and Jackson Jr. High School
c. Attending the Oberlin Conservatory organ student’s concert for the Lorain County AGO Chapter and dining with that Chapter and student recitalists afterwards.
d. Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza event for young musicians – hoping to awaken their interest in the organ.
e. Concerts/Programs for the community such as the Aaron David Miller recital and the Albert Schweitzer / J. S. Bach program – both very well attended.
f. Recitals by Henry Kihlken and concerts by the St. Mary’s Parish Choir under the direction of Tim Claubaugh.

2. In the space provided, please comment if you might like to see any of these programs repeated or reincarnated in other forms.

3. Have you attended any programs, recitals or meetings during the last two years?

4. If you have not attended meetings and care to share your reasons, please do.

5. Some ideas for other kinds of programs include a hymn sing or festival, a choral or organ music workshop, and demos of music for organ and instruments. Please comment on any of these that interest you and list other ideas you may have.

6. Are you interested in having social events such as a dinner or picnic once or twice a year? Other ideas for socials?

7. Please give us the names of prospective members. They may be organists, choir directors and/or persons interested in organs or church music. If you can include an address and something about the person it will be helpful.

8. Signing your name is optional, however, we are hoping for 100% participation in completing and returning the questionnaire.

- Jim Gardner

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