Tuesday, February 24


Lent is here and we as church musicians tend to do some things differently than we do the rest of the year in our churches. Post a comment below and let us know what you and your church are doing that is different this Lent whether it is with your hymnody, choral music, decorations, something within the Liturgy itself, organ music, or even organ registration. Whatever it is, click on the comment link below and share it with us.


Tim Claubaugh said...

At the beginning of the Mass, we have an opening song, followed by the greeting, followed by the Gloria and / or Kyrie. During Lent at St. Mary's, the Priest will already be seated in his chair in silent prayer as the people are coming into church. When it is time for Mass to start, everyone will stand and we will go directly into the Penitential Rite (Kyrie) skipping the opening song all together.

Besides singing all Lent hymns during Lent, I will be using a very "simple" organ registration on hymns and service music using only Principals 8, 4, & 2. I will not use any reeds or mixtures. I think that this will really add to the Festiveness of Easter when I bring them back on Easter Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim...this is awesome!! We (ZION) are doing several things on Sunday worship...dropping most sung Liturgy in favor of spoken word...something a little "out there" is...at our Tuesday evening Lenten Worship I will be using five of the Chopin Preludes as Offertories...I chose ones that were especially introspective...Thanks! Ron