Tuesday, January 25


Happy New Year. This letter will be brief to accommodate a lengthy “Dean’s List” of recommended Lent and Easter music.

Of particular note in the January TAO, pg. 58 is the article marking the centennial of Jehan Alain (see organ section of the “Dean’s List”).

Also of interest, on pg. 78 under “Reviews” see the entry “Samuel Barber Music for Organ, The Complete Organ Works.” I would refer the reviewer to Barbara Heyman’s excellent 1992 biography of Barber, “Samuel Barber: The Composer and His Music” (Oxford University Press, N.Y.) in particular the extensive work’s list which lists all published and unpublished works of Barber. Missing from this collection are Three Chorale Preludes and Partitas, Ca. 1927, as well as 2 and 3 voice Fugues, Ca. 1927, contemporary with the Prelude and Fugue which is included, a very serious omission by the publisher advertising a “complete edition.”

Heyman’s biography, recipient of an ASCAP award, is highly recommended as an addition to the bookshelf of any musician; the Schirmer publication, however, incomplete, provides insight into the development of this important American composer.

Your Dean,
Henry Kihlken

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