Tuesday, November 23


Our first meeting of the season, an Anthem Reading Session, took place October 10th at the Huron Prebyterian Church with seven members in attendance.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 2:00 for an organ music reading session at Holy Angels Church (1605 W. Jefferson St, Sandusky) on their newly restored organ. We have the church from 2:00-4:00 at which time another group comes in to get ready for their Mass and program.

Work has begun on the directory “AGO Members Today,” which will be the first AGO Directory to feature both photos and contact information of our national membership. If you wish to be included call the toll free number 1-800-347-7562 on the yellow card each of you should have received.

Reading the account of the AGO National Convention in Washington, D.C. caused me to think of program possibilities for the future. A Taize Service, and a Bach Vespers (pg. 62) are certainly possibilities for advertised and promoted public events. If our Chapter is to survive, such public events are essential.

Reading “The Last Page” is a reminder that strife between pulpit and Choir/Organ Loft is an ancient, if regrettable art, long pre-dating guitar services and the introduction of pop and contemporary styles into our Worship Services.

As serious work begins on our loaded Autumn/Winter Music Schedule, I wish each of you great success in fulfilling your seasonal and Holiday projects.

A new feature to assist our membership in music preparation and planning, called “The Dean’s List” is being introduced with this installment. This list will consist primarily of suggested organ and choral music which has come to your Dean’s attention, to be included in our Chapter Newsletter every other issue. While this list might prove late for Advent – Christmas – Epiphany Season this time it might be helpful for some last minute planning.

As prices are subject to change without notice, these have not been included, but may be obtained on the internet, directly from the publisher, or from your favorite music dealer.

Your Dean,
Henry Kihlken

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