Sunday, August 15


This will be my last letter to you as Dean of the Sandusky Chapter, AGO. Henry Kihlken has agreed to take my place, and I ask you to join me in expressing thanks for his willingness to serve. He has served as Dean previously, so he brings experience to the office. Randall Ruthsatz will take Henry’s place as Sub-Dean, while Louise Rogers continues as Secretary and Charles Scroggy as Treasurer. They deserve our support, so be ready to assist with Guild activities as you are asked.

Six Guild members met with me several weeks ago to plan some programs and activities for the 2010-2011 season. We hope to go to the First Presbyterian Church in Huron this fall for an anthem reading session. Bring your favorite anthems to share and listen to new anthems your choir would enjoy.

Early in 2011 we hope to have a comparable program of organ music. We expect this to be at Holy Angels Catholic Church in late January or early February.

We are asking a guest director to lead the community of church members in a hymn festival (not a massed choir festival). Narration and hymns will be based on the Psalms. Date and place will be announced later, and we have approached a guest director. Further information will come from Henry Kihlken.

Thank you for the support you have given me as Dean. Some good things lie before us as an AGO Chapter. Be an enthusiastic part of it!

Laura M. Stellhorn
Retiring Dean

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